Saturday, April 18th

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Session 1: 2:30pm

Tasha Viets-VanLear ‘15: Nothing to Lose But Our Chains: Artistic Identity in Times of Black Revolution
Robert Jacobel: What’s Under the Ice?
Gordon Marino: Four or Five Uplifting Ideas Gleaned on a Long Walk with Søren Kierkegaard
Jon Hallberg ‘88: Radio Tonic: The Art of Improving Health Through Conversation

Session 2: 3:55pm

Anantanand Rambachan: Interreligious Dialogue: Ambulance Service or Public Health Program?
Victoria Celano ‘13: Society, Sexual Violence, and Surviving
Dave Hagedorn: Informing the Classics through Improvisation
Josh Wolf ‘18: Fixing Foreign Aid: Addressing Food-Insecurity and Desertification Through Innovation and Cooperation

Session 3: 5:20pm

Maureen Palmer ‘16: Astrobiology and the Value of Science
Karla Ruiz ‘17: Volunteerism or Voluntourism?
Nathan Detweiler ‘16: Building Community as Diverse Individuals
Andrew Jacobson ‘06: Ebola and Bushmeat: Exposing a Menace