The Planning Committee

If you wish to contact the planning committee, please email

Steven Wett ’15

Executive Director

Steve is a senior Chemistry major at St. Olaf college. He has been with STO Talks as the Marketing and Communications Director and designer since it started in 2012. Apart from STO Talks, he works in Admissions as a Host Coordinator and is currently working part-time at 3M in St. Paul. He is a passionate designer, photographer and videographer, but also enjoys technology, backpacking, camping, biking, traveling, and spending time outdoors.

Emma Ritter ’15

Speaker Liaison

Emma is a senior Philosophy major at St. Olaf college. Fulfilling the trope of busy Ole, Emma not only serves on the STO Talks Planning Committee but also plays in the St. Olaf Orchestra, of which she is the student manager, and works as both a writing consultant and logic teaching assistant. She has been everywhere from New Brunswick to Nashville to Norway for internships and academics. In what exists of her free time, she enjoys watching Wes Anderson films, eating ice cream, and going on long walks.

Tess Halac ’15

Volunteer Coordinator

Tess is a senior Sociology and Anthropology major with a concentration in Women’s and Gender Studies at St. Olaf College.

Emily Hoar ’16

Multimedia director

Emily is a junior at St. Olaf College where she is majoring in English with a concentration in Film. In addition to STO Talks, Emily works as an intern in St. Olaf’s I.T. department. In her free time she enjoys film-making and photography. She is looking forward to her first international trip this summer with her family.

Jordan Lutter ’16

Associate Director

Jordan is a Junior Environmental Studies and Social Studies Education Major at St. Olaf College. Last January he went to Japan to learn and work with an organic, communal farm called Asian Rural Institute. Most summers he volunteers at schools and other community education programs. His hobbies include listening to music, biking, and travelling.

Lilia Escobar ’17

Committee Member

Lilia is a sophomore majoring in Social Work and Sociology/Anthropology with a concentration in Race and Ethnic Studies. She is a Latina from Chicago who is highly involved in anything related to social justice. Her passion for activism has brought her to various leadership roles on student groups where important critical and educational conversations take place. She intends on spending her future working in an urban non-profits organization providing social services with a masters degree in Social Work.

Valery Wehrman ’17

Committee Member

Valery is a sophomore Religion major with a Women’s and Gender Studies concentration at St. Olaf College. When not working the front desk of her residence hall, she enjoys singing in the Gospel Choir, as well as participating in intramurals, both for the – occasional – wins and the good times with friends. Valery spends a fair amount of time in the dance studios, continuing her love for the art form, and she also enjoys listening to music, most things chocolate, and is looking forward to adventures studying abroad next year.

Laird Vlaming ’17

Committee Member

Laird is a sophomore environmental studies major at St. Olaf College.  He spent this past January in Japan learning about Japanese environmental sustainability. He is also a shopkeeper at the St. Olaf sculpture shop, working with both wood and metal.  He enjoys playing volleyball, cooking, and spending time outdoors.