The Planning Committee

If you wish to contact the planning committee, please email

Jordan Lutter ’16

Executive Director

Jordan is a Senior Environmental Studies and Social Studies Education Major at St. Olaf College. Last January he went to Japan to learn and work with an organic, communal farm called Asian Rural Institute. Most summers he volunteers at schools and other community education programs. His hobbies include listening to music, biking, and traveling.

Elaine Grafelman ’18

Volunteer Coordinator

Elaine is a sophomore psychology major with a concentration in Linguistics. She joined STO Talks this year as the volunteer coordinator. If she isn’t studying or working with STO Talks, you can probably find Elaine swing dancing or drinking tea.

Emily Hoar ’16

Multimedia director

Emily is a senior at St. Olaf College where she is majoring in English and Film Studies, the latter a major she created through the Center of Integrated Studies. In addition to STO Talks, Emily volunteers at an animal shelter and the Film Society of Minneapolis, St. Paul. She enjoys live music and researching Game of Thrones for her senior capstone project on gender and genre. 

Theresia Kinanti Dewi ’16

Speaker Liaison/Treasurer

Theresia is a senior Sociology/Anthropology major with a concentration in Statistics at St. Olaf College. She has been with STO Talks as a member of the planning committee member since Spring 2015. Throughout her college career, she has been involved in International Student Organization as a member, treasurer, and co-chair. She has also been involved in various research projects on- and off-campus. After graduation, she is planning to return to her home in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Lilia Escobar ’17

Committee Member

Lilia is a junior Social Work, Sociology/Anthropology, Race and Ethnic Studies major. Aside from the STO Talks planning committee, she is a Communications intern at Canvas Church in Northfield and is Communications Director at the college ministry of the church, a student group called Canvas U. She enjoys playing the cajon, dancing whenever there is music, and creating digital designs for events. She is undeniably extroverted and can always be spotted with a friend or two by her side. 

Valery Wehrman ’17

Committee Member

Valery is a junior Religion major with a Women’s and Gender Studies concentration at St. Olaf College. When not working the front desk of her residence hall, she enjoys singing in the Gospel Choir, as well as participating in intramurals, both for the – occasional – wins and the good times with friends. Valery spends a fair amount of time in the dance studios, continuing her love for the art form, and she also enjoys listening to music, most things chocolate, and is looking forward to adventures studying abroad next year.

Laird Vlaming ’17

Committee Member

Laird is a junior economics major with an emphasis in management and a concentration in environmental studies. He has been with STO Talks as a member of the planning committee since the spring of 2015. He is also a member of the St. Olaf Men’s Volleyball team and is passionate about the environment, animal causes, and cooking/eating.

Tolu Toluhi ’17

Committee Member

Tolu Toluhi is a sophomore biology and religion major with a neuroscience concentration at St. Olaf College. He joined STO Talks in the fall of 2015. Asides from STO Talks he works with Residence Life as a Junior Counselor, volunteers with K-6 children, and is on the leadership team for CanvasU. He enjoys creative writing, photography, and co-hosting radio shows.